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At last! Your Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Jennifer Tardy, confesses the real truth behind her smashing recruiting successes…


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“Add-On Diversity Recruiting Leader” Reveals Her Lifetime Of Secrets — Including How She Created Her Proven “Candidate Magnet” System Guaranteed to Increase Quality Diversity Candidate Attraction, Grow A Partnership Network, & Improve Retention While Creating More Referrals! Hiring On ALL Cylinders!  

The Secret to Recruiting Great Candidates While Doing Less 

If you’re exhausted at the end of each day, feeling unsure of what you actually achieved in your day, it’s not your fault. The old model of running ridiculous Boolean string searches for diversity recruiting has failed you.  

Because diversity recruiting is not about getting more done at a faster speed. It’s about getting results. 

Many recruiters are tasked with increasing diversity among their hires. You may be a corporate recruiter or an agency recruiter. But one thing is certain. Your goal is to find the right candidate for an open position. And when it comes to sending out “party invites,” you want to ensure everyone feels welcome and asked to dance. 

As a dedicated recruiter, you measure your work by outcomes, not activity. Checking off more tasks won’t matter unless they’re the right tasks. After all, true success is a means to a greater end—the achievement of an effective workplace that reflects inclusivity and offers opportunity to everyone. 

What I’m about to show you will clear a path to achieve more by actually doing less. I’m going to hand you a roadmap that will give you direction, allow you to accomplish more in less time. In fact, past teams have used my method to increase their diversity candidate slate by an incredible 50%.  

The Results Look Like This

This is exactly what makes my new Diversity MAGNET Recruiter Bootcamp different from anything else you may have tried.

New Sources 

The most effective database sources to help you recruit

Value Proposition

A value proposition to help attract great candidates no matter where your company is on the Diversity & Inclusivity continuum

Executive Partnerships

Actionable methods that build key partnerships with leaders and executives 

Recruiting Metrics

Clear performance metrics to measure the diversity recruitment standards you need to track (Plus, I will also show you which metrics you should throw out immediately) 

Best Practice Models 

A best practice process for diversity recruitment models 

Recruiter Networking

Network with other recruiters and learn about their best practices in diversity recruitment 

Resume Referrals

Receive resume referrals of top notch diverse candidates from other recruiters.

...And More...

Freedom to get off the hamster wheel, work the way you want, and experience less stress and frustration 

Discover the System Top Recruiters Use to Find Diverse Candidates

What If You Could Eliminate “Dead-end Searches” and Quickly Find the Candidates Your Organization Needs? 

Even if you do want true diversity, it can seem like the world is working against you.  

  •  You want to find more diverse candidates, you’re just not sure where to go  
  • Databases overwhelm you, draining your precious time  
  • Leadership doesn’t support you but expects you to find perfect candidates  
  • You wonder if there’s a better way to find candidates than a Boolean string search  
  • Budget constraints worry you, keeping you from asking for more resources  

Throughout it all, you desire an effective working environment. You want to be proactive, not reactive. You want the power to attract, engage, and deploy quality diverse candidates so that you can be successful. In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself at peak productivity, but that reality is just out of reach.  

My friend, Diversity MAGNET Recruiter Bootcamp was designed for YOU. 

Introducing The Diversity Magnet Recruiter Bootcamp

Diversity MAGNET Recruiter Bootcamp is my complete recruiting system designed to help both in-house recruiters and agencies to find, attract, engage, and deploy quality diverse candidates.  

This powerful 7-week course will put you on the right path to get you to where you want to be – understanding the cultural landscape... getting the buy-in from the executive suite... knowing how to build strategic partnerships... designing a high-performing value proposition to get more support... and more!  


Distill your most powerful reasons for becoming a more effective diversity recruiter — and learn how to reach the results you define. 


Rub shoulders with high-achieving peers as you keep each other accountable in our private Facebook group. 


Learn field-tested, advanced recruiting strategies through instructional video lessons and step-by-step tutorials.


Streamline your processes and delegate with confidence, whether you’re an HAR recruiter, recruiting manager, or a diversity and inclusion leader partnering with recruitment.


Refine your strategy, to-do list, and work processes using the proprietary tools that accompany each lesson, including my closely guarded “Recruiter Handbook” with notes.


Discover how to recruit for your organization successfully and expand your recruiter network.


I’m Jennifer Tardy.

EDI Career Expert and owner of Jennifer Tardy, LLC which is a diversity and inclusion consulting organization in Maryland.  

Through my innovative #CareerSuccess by Jennifer Tardy™ programs, I’ve been on a mission to forge successful career opportunities between employers and members of underrepresented populations such as people of color, women, veterans, persons with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTQ, and future generations (e.g., Millennials and Gen Z). 

I know what you’re facing. For 14+ years, I’ve worked in the field of human resources, earning my place as a recruiting thought leader, diversity practitioner, and career success coach. 

Having coached thousands of job seekers over the span of my career, I decided to merge my passion for helping job seekers live their highest career potential with my diversity recruitment expertise. My intention is to connect people to opportunities to be their best and highest self. 

As I spent years pursuing the answer to finding and engaging diverse job candidates, I realized that the solution isn’t ticking off the right boxes or wrestling with complex databases. 

You and I only have 24 hours a day, and that’s it. 

But how you make use of those 24 hours is the difference between feeling swallowed alive and feeling like you’re spinning around in circles. 

You must learn to make the maximum use of your hours with the kind of focus that only few recruiters know how to harness. 

And I’m going to show you how.  

With the “Diversity MAGNET Recruiter Bootcamp,” You’re Guaranteed to Reclaim Control of Your Recruiting, Find the Right Candidates, and Create MORE Value for Your Organization

Diversity MAGNET Recruiter Bootcamp is simple to learn and fast to implement. There are 7 modules we’ll cover each week: Orientation, Basics, Find, Attract, Engage, Hire, and Next Steps.

You’ll get access to these systems, one module at a time, during a 7-Week LIVE online training.  

Rather than dumping an avalanche of information on you—and leaving you to dig your way out…I’ve broken the whole thing down into a series of weekly trainings that take you less than 45 – 60 minutes a week to complete. 

Each training begins with me handing you the exact blueprint I use in my own recruiting efforts to improve processes, turbo-charge productivity, and ignite a passion for diversity and inclusion. 

Then I’ll walk you through action steps to take to implement this proven system into your own recruitment plan.  

For seven weeks, I’ll be your “Coach,” showing you EXACTLY what to do to create a winning recruiting strategy and install systems that produce results! 

I’ll break down each section for you to its core during these live online training webinars, show you why it works, walk you through the "plug and play" templates that I provide and show you how you can implement it into your role immediately to boost performance by the following week. And if you happen to miss any of the trainings, you can access them at your leisure inside our members-only web portal.  

You’ll receive access to weekly webinars, group masterclasses, and resources such as downloadable forms and “blueprints” that will get you up and running fast! 

Here is the breakdown of the training you can look forward to receiving.